World Education Expo Indonesia

World Education Expo Indonesia invites all universities from around the world to join! Why should YOU join?

Every year, tens of thousands of Indonesia's students choose to study abroad - and this number continues to rise alongside a growing middle class. This interest has largely been made possible as students continue to become more fluent in English and other secondary languages. In light of this phenomenon, our expo will serve as a gateway for students and parents to gain more information on the opportunities of overseas education.

World Education Expo Indonesia guarantees a minimum audience of 10,000 students from over 100 national high schools in Jakarta. As an event that is endorsed by the Minsitry of Education, we cooperate with high schools and provide scheduled bus pick-ups for free. Beyond the 10,000 guaranteed participants from high schools, we expect even more students to come as we utilize an extensive promotional campaign that spans across various channels - including TV, billboard, radio, print, and online. This will be the largest overseas education exhibition in Indonesia!